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Our Manifesto

Launching in February 2019, for the first time in London, the Method that has changed Acting.

A deep journey for beginners, a new beginning for professionals. 

The Partitions of the Actor are Body, Voice, Emotion.  

In London, actors can find brilliant schools, workshops and training for Body and Voice. Alas, hitherto, very little can be found regarding Emotion. Perhaps because it’s a delicate and complex work, difficult to grasp, and it takes time and drive to get it right. Not just will to learn as an actor, but also will to get better as people. Will to know yourself and become the best person, and artist, that you can be. 

People such as Stanislavskij, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Meisner understood this and developed exercises and specific trainings to help the actor achieve the ultimate Truth.  

Our coaching style has a holistic approach to acting: where you work on a scene, how about thinking to what happened earlier in the day, or the year before, or in the whole life-background of the character, and how that influenced their actions and thoughts? Where you’re working on a character and how they would act and behave, how about you start working on how you act and behave, how do your own feelings influence your actions? 

This way, the Method teaches you how to add layers to your character by getting to know yourself first, and then them, and to ultimately achieve being Truthful. There’s no single final truth, we all have our own Truth. Our Art as actors consists in being able to bring it with us on stage and inspire people by being our vulnerable, truthful selves, by giving them the courage that the average person does not possess. 

It’s a wonderful, intense journey that every artist should do, especially actors, writers and directors, as experts of human nature and behaviour. 

We thought it was time we brought the Method to Europe, to London. We thought it was time we brought you to you. 

What We Offer

Please check the Enrol page for all current terms/courses details as these may differ from the below. 


Part of any Strasberg Training
In-Person / Online

The Freedom Circle is another trademark of the Strasberg Campus and one of the best experiences you can have in this type of work.

A free space where to give power to your Inner Child and let your imagination and sense memory run wild.

We start chilled, increase the emotional intensity and end up with a body blast!

Find out more about this here.

Enrol to try the Freedom Circle!


Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm
In person / Online

A bespoke session can give you not only full attention from the coach, but the possibility to work on a subject or skill of your choice. Sets of private sessions are also a great alternative to our classes.

You can get coaching surgery for an audition or a job. Motivational coaching, marketing, personal branding, career building and more.

More info here.

Get in touch to arrange the best private session built for you.


Twice a week or intensive options, 3 - 4 hours

The full training to get the best out of it. You will train twice a week or for an intensive week and will be doing both the Actor's Intimacy and Scene work.

Check the Enrol page for the exact dates and details for the current/upcoming Training Term.

You can find out more about how our typical courses work here.

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Dates/Times can vary

This is the online version of our Strasberg Training. It's basically all the same work you would do at the Campus, in person, although there's usually more focus on the Character's Intimacy here, but only if you haven't trained with us before (more info on how AIT/CIT work here.)

Check the Enrol page for the exact dates and details for the current/upcoming Training Term. An Online Term is not always available.


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