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What We Offer

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Full Strasberg Training

8 sessions in a month or a full week or 2 part-time weeks (check Enrol page for exact dates/times)

In-Person, 3 - 4 h sessions

3+ Levels (a total of 8 terms: 3+3+2)

Certificate of Achievement after each Level

Who this training is for

Students of any level take part to the same sessions and terms. This is because beginners can learn commitment and technique from professionals and advanced students, and professionals and advanced students can remember simple emotion connection and the absence of evident structures from beginners. It’s a very inspiring space, with a programme designed to form professional actors, driven enough to fight rejection at auditions and meetings, and ready and joyful about their lives and careers. They will get specific advice from the acting coach regarding their professional ‘Product’ (who they are or who they are disclosing to be as artists), by looking at everything starting from performance, attitude in meetings/auditions to headshots, showreels and self-presentations.


Course description

Each session or week includes both the unique Actor's Intimacy Training (AIT) and Scene work. This is the best option for your acting training and personal development: you work on yourself, learn what your self-sabotages are, how to connect to your Emotion Instrument and be assertive, how to be vulnerable and private in public, how to speak through your feelings and effectively use your voice, and also get to see how you improved your performance and lines delivery over time.

There will be few theoretical sections dedicated to specific levels, slightly more theoretical sections dedicated to all levels, and most of the time will be practical space for the students to train.

The student starts by working on the first step of the AIT, the Personal Private Moment, which they will execute every week until they 'pass' it, with the supervision of the coach and with the help of the feedback provided by the class. They will then proceed to the second step, the Celebration, and so on in this fashion. It is also possible to work the Intimacy steps for a Character, instead of the actor themselves. (Find out more here)

The Scene work will include both dialogues and monologues, both assigned and chosen by the students themselves. Focus on Cinema, Theatre, Commercial, TV/webseries will cycle and vary within each term. The Script Analysis technique will be taught. Comedy and Drama will both be covered.

The students will also learn the extremely useful skill of Sight-Reading: how to learn lines quickly and/or how to deliver efficiently while reading off the script.

Sense Memory and Emotion Memory, how to correctly and effectively perform Substitutions will be taught and helpful visualisations will be learned.

The Freedom Circle is a powerful group exercise that helps opening up our Instrument. You can dance, move freely, or do whatever you feel like; it’s not about performance, it’s about freedom and listening to yourself by being in the Here and Now, moment by moment. The students will be part of this at least every two sessions. Prepare for a good sweat and an imaginative, intense inner journey.

The Freedom Circle is usually part of an AIT class during the Term, and there can be 1-3 Circles per term.

Students will practice some very powerful and useful group and solo Improvisations, designed by the greatest acting coaches in history, such as Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Susan Batson, Sanford Meisner. Improv is great to explore the actors’ limits.

They will learn how to feel confident and powerful on stage with the Circle of Protection sense memory exercise, and there will be some advanced sense memory and emotion memory exercises, designed by Strasberg or Batson, to practice when the student is ready.


Students will practice how to give and receive Feedback and the difference between cognitive and perceptive feedback. They will be able to improve their attitude and performance quality thanks to an objective observation from the coach and the group and thanks to the safe, judgment-free space. Being open and clear and Listening are both skills you learn when delivering and receiving this kind of feedback properly, so it’s immensely useful for an actor.


Some homework will usually be necessary (e.g. preparing the AIT/CIT step, learning lines, etc.).


What to bring to class:

pen and paper

your script

any props you might need to set up you AIT/CIT step

comfortable clothes

an open mind, willingness to discover who you really are and be kind - but honest - to others!



Possibility to shoot scenes and reels

in class.

Writing exercises

Directing elements

Casting tips 

Your Achievements with our Training

Please see this section​ to look at all the skills you might learn and goals you might achieve when training with us.


Online Strasberg Training

Same as the Full Strasberg Training, but Online

This course is suitable for all levels and it's the online version of our Strasberg Training. The programme is essentially the same, although the online term generally focuses more on the Character's Intimacy for the students who never trained at the Campus before; whereas previous students may choose to work on the Actor's Intimacy. (More info on AIT/CIT on the Method page)


Make sure you check the Enrol page for updated dates, times and details on each upcoming Online Term, which may not always be on offer.


Freedom Circle

Part of any Strasberg Training
In-Person or Online

The Freedom Circle is another trademark of the Strasberg Campus and one of the best experiences you can have in this type of work.

A free space where to give power to your Inner Child and let your imagination and sense memory run wild.

A unique exercise including:

- Vocal and Body warm-up

- Grounding & Centring

- Visualisation & Meditation

- Sense & Emotion Memory exploration

- Physical Expression to music (It's Not Dancing!)

- Self-Awareness training

Wear comfy clothes and prepare for a good sweat: we start chilled, increase the emotional intensity and end up with a body blast!


Bespoke Private Coaching

Monday - Friday, 9 am - 6 pm
In person / Online

Bespoke Private Coaching in-person or via Skype or Zoom.

What you can do on a bespoke private session:
- coaching for a scene (monologue or dialogue)
- learn script analysis
- learn about the Strasberg Method
- learn how to build and use powerful Substitutions
- learn to use Sense & Emotion Memory
- learn screen acting

- career building
- tips for self-tapes
- improvisation
- personal branding: identify and market your product
- accent coaching
- manage yourself and your marketing
- meditation, self-awareness and focus
- motivational coaching (such as getting rid of stress or self-judgment)
- role-play
- audition surgery
- how to give and handle feedback (cognitive/receptive)

- Actor's & Character's Intimacy Training (AIT & CIT)
- ...Get in touch and find out what we can do for YOU!

Private Coaching Fees:
In person or Online

£45/50€ per session (55’)

£210/220€ for 5 sessions

£400/420€ for 10 sessions

And if you have not done Private Coaching with us before, we'll offer you a 30-min intro session for FREE.

Private Coaching
Freedom Circle
Full Strasberg Training
Online Strasberg Training
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